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Periodontal Disease and Hearing Loss

Periodontal infection can cause hearing lossMany people wouldn’t think to associate periodontal disease with hearing loss. However, gum disease has been proven through numerous studies to have a direct impact on your hearing.

What role does gum disease play in hearing?

The inflammation associated with gingivitis and periodontitis is essentially the body’s way of fighting back against a buildup of bacteria along the gum line. When that bacteria gets into your gums, it causes inflammation, bleeding, serious infection, and tooth loss if left untreated. Gum disease poses other risks, though, aside from losing your teeth and dealing with a serious mouth infection. The bacteria that cause your body to react harshly in your mouth can enter your bloodstream. If they do, they can cause inflammation and narrowing of arteries and blood vessels – including the ones involved in hearing.

To understand this, it helps to know exactly how your hearing works. Your outer ear collects and funnels noise through your ear canal and into your inner ear and ear drum. This is where your sensory organs for hearing (and balance) are located. Once vibration reaches that area of your ears, it stimulates thousands of tiny hairs that transmit the movement to your brain, which in turn interprets the messages as sound.

Those tiny hairs are essential in your hearing, and their health can be affected by the flow of blood through vessels in your inner ear. If those vessels become infected by bacteria caused by your gum disease, those tiny hairs will die. Once dead, there’s no way to replace them. It’s a permanent death, and you’ll be stuck with a degree of hearing loss for the rest of your life. If you leave this hearing loss untreated, it can even progress to dementia and memory loss. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your oral health.


For gum disease treatment, come to Dr. Trujillo, your local periodontist in Phoenix, as soon as possible. We can help you get ahead of the game when it comes to fighting periodontitis, and can even help you reverse its damaging effects.

Prevent it before it begins

You can prevent gum disease, and the hearing loss it can cause, by the very simple act of following a regular oral health care schedule. Brushing, flossing, avoiding foods high in acids and sugars, and visiting our office at least twice a year will ensure that you have great oral health.

If you feel that you may have early signs of gum disease, please contact us today so we can help.

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3 Responses to Periodontal Disease and Hearing Loss

  1. Sara N. Runyon says:

    I was diagnosed with gum disease about 15 years ago I have since lost several teeth I am down to about 12 teeth with no back teeth. For the last 3 years my ears have had an unbelievable amount of fluid in them mostly clear but there are some times when there is a small amount of blood mixed in with the clear fluid. I have taken antibiotics in the past and it seemed to have cleared the fluid up. Also just for your information I do have peripheral artery disease and a form of heart disease that is enlarging one of my valves leading away from my heart. Both my parents have heart disease my father died at age 40 my mother has had several heart surgeries and stents she is still with us at age 74 I am 52 years old and a female. Please any assistance to help me to inform doctors here in Mayfield Kentucky would be great. Thank you for any time that you give to my response.

  2. Noelle Borland says:

    Hi,there.Im a 47 y.o. woman. I was diagnosed with periodontal disease about two years ago. I’ve lost multiple molars and wisdom teeth over the years. I have had fluid in my ears as well. I haven’t had enough dental care. I have been extremely depressed. I have been dealing with severe dry mouth…especially at night. It’s destroying my life. I’m very thankful that you posted. I will get more help and save my life. I hope you receive wonderful care and that your health greatly improves. ☺ -N

  3. Hyrum says:

    My gums have been bleeding for a while. An my ears have been ringing for over a month.

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