Dental Implant Treatment
Process in Phoenix, AZ

Many patients are curious about what is fully involved before, during, and after the dental implant treatment process. We will explain what a standard procedure entails. Every patient's procedure is unique because of varying circumstances, but the majority of patients will experience what follows.

Once your dental implant consultation with Phoenix Periodontist Dr. Ariel Trujillo is complete, and it's been determined you're a suitable candidate, we will schedule a time for your surgery.

Most procedures for a dental implant will take under an hour. For multiple dental implants it may take some additional time. The dental work required to complete your treatment is complex, but you can be at ease because you are working with a Periodontist. Periodontists, like Dr. Trujillo, have more experience and knowledge than a general dentist about your gums which can ensure greater success. Our entire team will do all that we can to ensure you feel comfortable and safe during the entire procedure. Depending on the complexity of your surgery anesthesia may not even be required.

The Dental Implant Treatment Process Typically Includes These Steps:

Woman eating an apple after getting dental implants from Arizona Periodontal Group

Getting Dental Implants Will Create
Not Just A New Smile, But A New You!

  1. Dr. Trujillo will prescribe medications such as antibiotics and/or pain relievers to begin taking prior to the surgery.
  2. For most treatments a local anesthetic, Novocain, will be used to numb the area where the dental implant will be placed. Of course at your request oral or intravenous sedation can be used for your comfort level. If sedation is utilized, a local anesthetic will still be administered to numb the areas where the dental implant(s) will be placed.
  3. Once you are fully sedated Dr. Trujillo will create a small opening in your gum tissue, revealing the bone where the implant will be placed.
  4. Using special instruments, a socket is carefully created.
  5. A titanium implant is then inserted into the socket.
  6. Once the implant is inserted sutures will be used to close the placement site to heal properly.

Once the procedure is complete Dr. Trujillo and our team will ensure you are given the proper information to allow your dental implant to heal. A standard dental implant will need two to four months to heal. During this time your bone will heal around the dental implant so it will become the new artificial root of your new tooth.

Depending on Dr. Trujillo’s assessment of your case and you require full teeth replacement a full denture can be connected to your implants during the same procedure. This is called All on 4 dental implants and can be a life changing procedure to allow you to eat what you want, and have a confident smile again!

The exact amount of time it takes for your dental implant to heal will be determined by a variety of factors. Follow-up care is needed to ensure that you are healing well and to determine when you are ready for the restorative phase of your treatment.

Permanent Teeth Restoration Phase

Dr. Trujillo will make an impression of your teeth to create an exact replica of your mouth and where your new implants are going to be set. This is to make “bite” records so Dr. Trujillo can see the relationship of your upper and lower jaws. With this information, the abutments (support posts) will be chosen that connect your dental implant with your new crown that will act as your new tooth.

The number of appointments you will need and the amount of time required for each appointment is different for every patient. No two dental implant cases are exactly the same. No matter how many teeth need to be replaced, the work performed by Dr. Trujillo will be completed with great precision and attention to detail.

A New Smile & A New You!

Once your full dental implant procedure is complete, you are now ready to rediscover simple pleasures of life that you were unable to enjoy with your old dentures or missing teeth! From no longer being embarrassed to show your smile to being able to eat favorite foods that were once forbidden! Your new dental implant(s) is going to create not only a new smile but a brand new you!

We know you are ready to make the change that you deserve. Get a new lease on life and schedule an appointment with Dr. Trujillo today!

Start your day with a beautiful smile.

When you visit our office, your oral health is our top priority. Dr. Trujillo and his entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve.