Pocket Reduction Surgery

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Pocket reduction surgery is a specialized periodontal procedure used to clean and close deep gum pockets and restore healthy gum tissues.

Each of your teeth should have bone and gum tissue fitting around it tightly when you have good oral health. However, periodontal disease can weaken this supporting bone and tissue which results in “pockets” around the damaged teeth. In order to avoid these pockets from growing, patients who are experiencing these oral health issues should seek treatment in the form of pocket reduction surgery. Dr. Trujillo is well versed in this procedure and the team at Arizona Periodontal Group has prepared some information below for you to learn more about what this surgery is, if it is right for you, and how the procedure is performed.

What is Pocket Reduction Surgery?

Pocket reduction surgery aims at eliminating the pockets that accrue as a result of periodontal disease. As periodontal disease progresses, these pockets become deeper which provides space for bacteria to grow and thrive. Enough of this bacterium can result in eventual bone and tissue loss requiring the extraction of teeth. Some pockets are too deep to clean with at-home oral cleanings and even professional cleanings. This is a specialized procedure performed by periodontists.

Is a Pocket Reduction Surgery Right for You?

To learn if a pocket reduction surgery is right for you, we recommend that you come in and have an assessment appointment with Dr. Trujillo. Our trained staff will be able to assist you during a professional teeth cleaning for example. A pocket reduction surgery is performed if Dr. Trujillo has measured the depth of your pockets and recommended the procedure. He will determine this by testing the depth of the pocket and looking at the amount of bacteria thats generated.

How is the Procedure for Pocket Reduction Surgery Performed?

At the beginning of this procedure, Dr. Trujillo will fold back the gum tissue from the affected area. At that point, he can then remove the bacterium that is present. Once the bacteria is removed, the tissue is secured back into place. If there are irregular surfaces such as damaged bone, then that surface will need to be smoothed in order for the gum tissue to reattach to healthy bone instead. Once the surgery is winding down, an antimicrobial liquid is administered in order to promote healing and get rid of any potential lingering bacteria. The gums are then sutured and left in place for five to ten days. It is important to know that your gums will be sensitive after the procedure, but given time they will heal properly and you will notice a fast improvement in your teeth and gums’ oral health as a result of the pocket depth reduction.

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In order to prevent periodontal disease from worsening a pocket reduction surgery could be recommended by Dr. Trujillo. This is one of the best methods to remove bacteria and reduce the depth of the pockets in your mouth. If you have questions regarding pocket reduction surgery or other dental services we offer, please contact us. If you need to make an appointment with us, we are able to accommodate your request by phone or online. Dr. Trujillo and the team at Arizona Periodontal Group are proud to serve the greater Phoenix area and accommodate all of our patients with the some of the best periodontal care available. 

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