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Bleeding Gum Treatment in Phoenix

If your gums start to bleed every time you brush or floss your teeth, you could be dealing with a larger dental health issue. A misconception persists that bleeding gums are completely normal. This is only true if you’ve recently switched up your dental routine or accidentally pushed too hard while flossing. 80% of adults have some form of periodontal disease and consistently bleeding gums is a primary indicator. Below are some common questions asked about Bleeding Gums, and how Dr. Trujillo can help treat them:

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"Why are my gums bleeding?"

Bleeding gums are a significant sign of an oral health problem called gum disease, or periodontal disease. Gum disease is the main cause of tooth loss in American adults. Gum disease is caused by plaque build up along the gum line. If you don’t regularly remove plaque it will harden into tartar. Tartar is a calcified substance that plaque will stick to creating gum irritation and ultimately causing them to bleed.

Over the past two decades, studies have linked periodontal disease to larger health issues including: stroke, heart attack, respiratory problems, and diabetes or pregnancy complications. For instance, it has been suggested that gum diseases forces bacteria to enter the bloodstream, attaching to the fat deposits in the blood vessels. This condition can lead to blood clots and ultimately heart attacks. At Dr. Trujillo’s phoenix periodontal practice, we understand that oral health contributes to overall health. Catching gum disease early can help diminish your chance of greater health problems.

"How do I avoid bleeding gums?"

To avoid bleeding gums and gum disease in the first place, start today by scheduling biannual check ups with Dr. Trujillo. These regular dental exams include having a hygienist clean and polish your teeth. It will also give Dr. Trujillo the chance to assess your dental health and take new x-rays if needed. These visits act as an invaluable opportunity for Dr. Trujillo to check for early signs of gum disease. If detected, he can immediately develop a treatment plan with you.

A daily at home dental routine is essential to warding off bacteria that causes gum disease. Begin today by brushing morning and night. Select a soft bristled toothbrush so as not to contribute to any recession prone areas. With a small dollop of toothpaste, use circular motions to clean all sides of the teeth. Don’t forget the top of the mouth and the tongue. After brushing, take an 18-inch piece of floss and string it between your pointer fingers, leaving a taut two-inch space in the middle. Using a sawing motion, carefully floss around each tooth. Flossing, coupled with daily brushing, will remove hard to reach food particles that generate bacteria. After flossing, rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash. This will help diminish bacteria while freshening breath at the same time. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing, along with biannual dental visits are significant preventive measures that will have a positive impact on your dental health.

"If I already have bleeding gums, how do I treat them?"

If Dr. Trujillo determines that you have gum disease, the treatment plan will depend on the severity. For instance, if your gum disease is still in the early stages, simply implementing a more rigorous at home dental care regimen will solve it. If your gum disease has advanced, more involved periodontal therapy may be required.

Periodontal therapy involves ridding the mouth of the bacteria and plaque that caused the infection in the first place. Antibiotics, laser therapy, scaling and root planing may be necessary. With laser therapy, Dr. Trujillo will use a laser to access and remove inflamed gum tissue. After the tissue is removed, the root of the tooth will be exposed. At this point root scaling starts, which involves removing the calcified tartar and plaque build up that has formed below the gum line. Finally, Dr. Trujillo will smooth out the root thus allowing it to regenerate and begin to heal. With laser therapy, no general anesthetic is required.

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