Laser Gum Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

Laser gum treatment is a revolutionary procedure for gum recession and disease. Here, we answer commonly asked questions about what it is and how it works. Contact us to see how Dr. Trujillo can help.

What is LANAP®?

Dr. Trujillo offers LANAP®, a ground-breaking new periodontal therapy using laser gum surgery in Phoenix, AZ. This therapeutic procedure replaces older more dated ways of treating periodontitis, or Gum Disease. LANAP® is an acronym for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure. The technique received clearance from the FDA in 2004.

LANAP Laser Gum Therapy

How does Periodontal Therapy Work?

The LANAP® system is an innovative tried and true periodontal therapy for creating new connective tissue attachments to the teeth at a coronal level. It essentially creates the most ideal situation for growth on the root surfaces that were once diseased.

In most cases, the LANAP® laser gum treatment eliminates the need for conventional cut and suture periodontal surgery, also referred to as flap and osseous surgery.

The laser itself is fed through a fiber optic cable. The laser can distinguish between diseased gums from healthy gums and treats using ultraviolet light to eradicate the “bad bacteria,” typically a darker thicker color. The periodontal therapy treatment leaves the healthy bacteria behind.

Patient Comfort

Dr. Trujillo is an expert with LANAP® procedures and successfully uses them with many patients. Many patients who receive LANAP® treatment are surprised at how quickly the process is completed along with it being a less painful technique.

If you are in need of periodontal therapy or gum surgery, visit our office and talk with Dr. Trujillo first. We want you to be another one of our success stories.

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What is LANAP®?

LANAP® is an acronym for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure. It is also known as laser gum surgery or laser gum therapy. LANAP® is a new surgical-therapeutic procedure that has replaced older and dated treatment methods for gum disease. Here are some of the benefits of using LANAP®:

  • Fast recovery time: compared to traditional gum surgery, LANAP® offers a much faster recovery time. This is because no healthy gum tissue is damaged during the LANAP® while standard gum surgery requires the gums to be cut and sewn back together.
  • Available to most patients: traditional gum surgery isn’t a viable option for many patients with certain health issues. However, LANAP® is available to the majority of patients, even those who are not candidates for traditional gum surgery because of health concerns.
  • Less Pain: LANAP® is reported by patients to have less bleeding and pain involved with the procedure when compared to traditional gum surgery.
  • Less risk for infection: inflammation and bacteria are greatly reduced in LANAP® over traditional gum surgery.
  • Gum disease reversion: the negative effects of gum disease can actually be reversed by laser gum surgery which allows patients to help save their teeth and regenerate bone.
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How Does LANAP® Work For My Gums?

The purpose of LANAP® is to treat gum disease. It is a periodontal therapy tested and proven to, at a coronal level, create new connective tissue attachments to your teeth. LANAP® creates an ideal situation that promotes periodontal ligament, cementum, and new bone growth. This occurs because the procedure reduces the pockets between teeth and gums. These pockets are where the gum disease-causing bacteria tend to grow. LANAP® manages to kill the bacteria and close these gaps.

In the majority of cases, LANAP® is a sufficient periodontal therapy by itself to eliminate the need for traditional gum disease surgery.

How Does Dr. Trujillo Perform LANAP®?

LANAP® normally needs two sessions that last two hours each. However, since Dr. Trujillo offers sedation options, he can complete the treatment in one or two appointments. During the consultation appointment, there will be an exam, and Dr. Trujillo will explain the LANAP® procedure. He will also discuss what type of sedation might work for you.

During your session, we administer a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. From there, we use a laser fed through a fiber optic cable. This laser and cable are capable of distinguishing the difference between diseased gums and healthy gums. Dr. Trujillo uses the laser to clear away the infection and any buildup to the root surface with special tools. Once the first procedure is completed, a second session is scheduled shortly thereafter if needed.

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If you have any questions about LANAP® or would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation, please contact the Arizona Periodontal Group today. Dr. Trujillo’s goal is to ensure that all of his patients have healthy teeth and gums using customized treatment plans.