Laser Gum Treatments (LANAP®) vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

Laser gum treatment (LANAP®) is the preferred option by many periodontists for the treatment of gum disease. The successful eradication of disease and rejuvenation of gum tissue is above that of traditional treatments.

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Traditional gum surgery requires cutting a patient’s gums with a sharp-edged tool and sewing them back up. There is a long recovery time associated with traditional gum surgery, therefore, many patients have avoided getting gum surgery. However, with laser gum treatments (LANAP®), gum surgery is no longer a big ordeal. Laser gum treatment is the preferred option by many periodontists for gum disease treatment.

What is Laser Gum Treatment?

Laser gum treatment is a surgical therapy that focuses on regeneration instead of resection. Laser gum treatment has been in use for two decades and it has been continually improved upon since then.

Laser gum treatment, or LANAP®, involves the use of a precision laser that eradicates the diseased and damaged gum tissue while leaving the healthy gum tissue intact. LANAP® has quickly become the preferred method for treatment over traditional gum surgery due to numerous physical and psychological benefits.

For example, many patients that fear traditional surgery due to the cutting tools find the laser treatment less intimidating. This results in more patients willing to undergo laser gum treatment to improve their dental health.

Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment

Laser gum treatments have numerous benefits over traditional gum surgery. These benefits include a quicker recovery time and less pain during the treatment. Additionally, here is a short list of some of the benefits of laser gum treatment over traditional gum surgery:

  • No healthy tissue is damaged during laser gum treatment. Traditional gum surgery damages the healthy tissues which can lead to other health issues like gum recession.
  • Laser gum surgery can actually reverse the negative effects of gum disease. This allows patients who have undergone laser gum surgery to regenerate bone and help save their teeth. Traditional gum surgery does not offer this benefit.
  • Patients who are not candidates for traditional gum surgery due to health issues can still undergo laser gum treatment.
  • With laser gum treatment, there is less pain and bleeding than with traditional gum surgery.
  • There is a significant reduction of bacteria and inflammation with laser gum treatment over traditional gum surgery.

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The Procedure

The patient is first given a local anesthetic to numb the area. Dr. Trujillo then measures the depths of the pockets formed between the teeth and the gums. Dr. Trujillo then begins the laser treatment. During the laser treatment, the pathogens are targeted and destroyed. The inflamed, infected, and diseased pockets are carefully removed while keeping the healthy gum tissue intact.

After the first pass, a second pass is performed with the laser to ensure that the pockets are properly closed and sealed. After the procedure, patients are given post-operative instructions to help with healing and maintain proper oral care. Routine check-ups are scheduled to make sure patients heal properly.

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