AZ Periodontist: How Dr. Trujillo Can Help

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How can an AZ periodontist help? Understanding this allows you to seek the necessary dental treatment you may need. A periodontist is an expert specializing in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and conditions, impacting your teeth’ supporting tissues such as bone and gum. A periodontist can diagnose whether you have gum disease that requires a surgical procedure or help you with inflammation. A qualified AZ periodontist uses modern techniques to perform surgical and non-surgical procedures. In this guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about an AZ periodontist. Read on.

Reasons You Should Visit an AZ Periodontist

Typically, a general dentist can handle some gum diseases. However, if your issue is complicated and getting worse or likely to cause tooth loss, you may want to see a periodontist. When should you visit a periodontist? You should schedule an appointment as soon as you discover you have clear signs of gum disease, including the following.

Receding Gum Line

Receding gums may not necessarily mean you have gum disease. This is because it can also result from aggressive brushing, which can lead to tissue damage. Your periodontist will handle this problem, enhancing your appearance and reducing the possibility of suffering gum issues in the future.

If gum recession isn’t a result of hard brushing, this is a sign of severe gum disease. At this point, an AZ periodontist can check your situation and provide the appropriate treatment option according to your personalized needs.

Painful Chewing

Over time pockets can form around your teeth due to gum inflammation. This can cause your teeth to loosen and become more sensitive. Chewing can also be problematic. If eating makes your gums hurt, you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Trujillo, an AZ periodontist, for a check-up.

Puffy or Swollen Gums

Tartar and plaque-forming bacterial can lead to inflammation, which is a strong sign you could be having gingivitis. It’s critical to get treatment as soon as possible because pockets can develop around your teeth due to inflammation. This can increase your chances of getting infected, and tooth loss can also occur.

If you have swollen gums, your teeth are likely to appear smaller. You can practice the necessary oral hygiene during the early stages or visit us for deep cleaning to handle this problem. If left unattended, you should consult with a qualified AZ periodontist for recommendations.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common problem and may not always show a significant dental issue. However, if you consider the necessary teeth care and notice the problem isn’t ending, this could mean your teeth have holes or you have a severe oral issue that you shouldn’t ignore. While this dental issue may seem simple, if left unattended, it can lead to more complications.

Your Gums Bleed Easily

Do you notice your gums bleed when you eat, floss or brush? If so, it could be due to inflammation. You should consult a skilled AZ periodontist for examination and treatment.

Treatments You Can Expect from Your Periodontists

An experienced periodontist can perform a broad range of procedures to improve your smile, replace missing teeth and stop gum disease from progressing. Here are common treatments you can expect from a reliable AZ periodontist.

Bone Reconstruction and Grafting

Failure to diagnose and treat gum disease or periodontal disease can destroy jawbone or cause tooth loss. If you’re in this situation, your periodontist can recommend bone grafting. Typically, this procedure repairs dental implant sites that don’t have enough bone structure. A patient with jaw defects needs bone grafting to repair the damage. One of the primary causes of jaw defects is gum disease, but it can also occur due to:

  • Tumor Surgery
  • Congenital defects
  • Tumor injuries

Every patient is unique, meaning the bone grafting procedure may differ from a patient to another. When you visit a periodontist, they’ll first examine your unique situation. After a thorough evaluation, they can identify your individualized needs and determine a treatment procedure to cater to your personalized needs. For example, your periodontist may utilize either one or a combination of the following:

  • Sinus lift procedure
  • Block bone graft
  • Socket graft

Dental Implants

Are you missing either one or several teeth because of genetics, neglect, or injury? You don’t need to worry because dental implants can solve this issue. One of the top reasons you may want to go for dental implants is that they’ll appear, feel, and function like natural teeth. Once you have acquired your implants, it can be difficult for anyone to recognize them because they match your natural teeth in terms of color and other characteristics.

Are you a suitable candidate for dental implants? These can offer a reliable solution for your missing teeth, but not everyone can benefit. For example, certain health conditions can prevent some patients from getting dental implants. Qualified periodontists understand this and will first evaluate your unique circumstances before recommending any treatment.

General and Preventative Dentistry

Apart from providing innovative periodontal care, your periodontist can provide preventative and general dentistry services. This is critical for keeping your teeth beautiful, healthy, and clean. No one should take regular check-ups and cleanings for granted, especially if you’re struggling with periodontal disease. If you want to avoid bone loss, gum recession, tooth loss, pain, and other problems related to poor oral hygiene, it would be best to consider preventative and general dentistry.

Regardless of your current situation, you can seek preventative dental services because a qualified professional has what it takes to treat you. If you’re struggling to smile in public because you aren’t happy with your teeth’ appearance, don’t hesitate to seek assistance.

Deep Pocket Cleanings

As periodontitis and gingivitis progress, it can be more challenging to clean the pockets that develop between your teeth and the soft tissues. Your periodontist can perform scaling and root planing to eliminate infection-causing bacteria and other debris from the pockets.

Osteoplasty (hard tissue recontouring)

It involves recontouring the hard tissue after treatment. This ensures your smile is aesthetically attractive and looks natural.

Everyone wants an attractive smile that can enhance confidence, whether attending a job interview or interacting in a social setting. Unfortunately, dental issues can occur and can affect anyone. While struggling with dental problems can be a daunting experience, you shouldn’t let this impact any area of your life. You can seek the help of a reputable AZ periodontist and solve any of these issues. Schedule an appointment with Arizona Periodontal Group in Phoenix, AZ.

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