Are Dental Implants Worth It?

A senior woman getting dental implants

At a glance, dental implants might seem like a more expensive choice than alternatives. However, not only are they an affordable option but this procedure is ideal in most cases. Dental implants have an incredible success rate of 95%, and they can justify their cost through quality of life and future savings. However, it’s first necessary to decide whether or not dental implant treatment is right for you in the first place.

When to Consider Dental Implant Treatment

There are many potential reasons for people to consider dental implants. For example, injury damaging the teeth or tooth decay-causing the loss of natural teeth. Generally, you are a candidate if:

  • You have a fully-grown, adult jawbone
  • Your jawbone is healthy and has enough bone density
  • A bone graft is an option to create the foundation for a tooth implant
  • You have a healthy immune system and don’t take medication that suppresses the immune system.

If you’re on any medications, talk to Dr. Trujillo about them and whether or not it’s still safe to undergo dental surgery.

Unfortunately, there are some cases that can prevent someone from receiving dental implants. If your jaw has received extensive damage from gum disease there may not be enough bone to anchor the implant. However, if these issues don’t apply to you are likely a candidate.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many benefits of dental implants in the immediate, intermediate, and long-term perspectives. Eating is easier and your smile looks more natural and healthy. Additionally, the relative ease of cleaning and the protection that dental implants offer your jaw will help maintain your oral health for years to come.

Prevent Bone Loss

The steady stimulation and pressure of your teeth upon your jaw are indispensable components of your jaw health. When you lose a tooth, that area of your jaw loses natural stimulation to strengthen the bone. The body will decline to send nutrients to that area and the bone degrades.

Improved Dental Health and Oral Hygiene

Individual dental implants are easier to take care of and maintain over the course of many years than most alternatives. Just like natural teeth, brushing and flossing protect the gums and roots easier than dentures or dental bridges. The ease with which you can clean implants is a considerable boost to your long-term oral health prospects.

Secures Teeth in Place

A healthy, full line of teeth serves to keep each tooth in line and secure. Each tooth is nestled into place by the teeth on either side of it. This keeps them relatively straight even as they experience the pressure of eating. However, losing a tooth compromises both of the neighboring teeth since they’ve lost one of their anchors. They can naturally tilt out of place, which can mar your smile and create dental health issues. This is just one of the ways that dental implants help prevent additional tooth loss.

Prevent Additional Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth is a major risk factor for other oral problems to develop if you don’t properly treat the problem. For instance, having a large gap between teeth will cause them to tilt and potentially expose their sensitive roots. This has the potential to amplify the risks of physical wear and damage.

Likewise, the degradation of your jawbone presents oral health risks that can eventually cause additional tooth loss. However, the structure of a tooth also serves to protect much of your sensitive, bacteria-exposed gums from infection.

Without this shield, the risks of infection and gum disease that might spread and compromise other teeth increase greatly. A dental implant protects your gums in the same manner that a natural tooth does, helping to prevent infection and additional tooth loss.

Save on Future Dental Procedures

Dental implants offer many health benefits, such as the continued stimulation to your jaw and protection of other teeth. However, another benefit of dental procedures is the unparalleled longevity that dental implants offer.

While bridges and dentures typically last about five years, implants can last 30 years or longer. Therefore, dental implants cost more today, but can potentially save you a great deal of time, money, and comfort in the long run.

Look, Feel, and Function Like Real Teeth

Anatomy of dental implant in human denture.

After losing a tooth to infection, injury, or other causes, choosing a treatment that will restore the look and function of your mouth is essential. A major strength of dental implants is that they replace natural teeth more completely than any alternatives. They have an artificial root that maintains jaw stimulation, they maintain the gaps that support easy cleaning, and they simply look more like real teeth than any alternative option.

Restore Your Smile

When you weigh the numbers, success rates, and risks of different dental procedures to replace a lost tooth, dental implant treatment comes out on top. However, there’s another deeply important reason behind choosing dental implants. Namely, a full smile is extremely important to a person’s self-image, self-confidence, and comfort in their body.

There’s a visible difference between dental implants and other tooth replacement options. Implants provide the most realistic look available. Undergoing dental implant treatment isn’t just saving your money or protecting your long-term oral health, it restores your smile.

Affordable Dental Implants From Dr. Trujillo

Dr. Trujillo and the Arizona Peridontal Group have provided great periodontal care in Phoenix, Arizona, since 1997. In that time, they’ve earned the trust of countless local citizens and helped many people regain comfort and confidence in their smiles. They are among the best in Arizona, and helping people is their passion. For dental implant treatment or other important dental procedures, schedule an appointment by phone or online.

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