Safe Dental Implant Treatment in Phoenix AZ

Periodontist in Phoenix, AZ, showing a patient their x-rays

Dental implants are false teeth that are attached to metal stems which are then inserted into your gums. They have been around since 600 AD, and still, remain one of the most popular forms of dentistry. 

Patients get these implants whenever a tooth or teeth are missing, due to infection, injury, or other problems. 

Safe dental implants will help you improve your smile in ways you’ve never imagined. Consider these tips when seeking help from a periodontist in Phoenix, AZ.

Why Safe Dental Implants Can Help Your Teeth

Dental implant procedures have a 98 percent success rate. What makes these procedures so safe and successful?

First off, dental implants are safe because they use titanium. Titanium is one of the most durable metals and is anti-corrosive. 

When the false tooth attached to the titanium stem is installed into your gums, it fuses to your jaw. The implant won’t move around and will be every bit as safe as your natural teeth. It won’t decay or give you health problems once installed. In fact, these implants can last a lifetime. 

Before even having the implant installed, a periodontist will go through your medical history and run some x-rays of your mouth. They need to study your jaw and its shape before moving forward. 

After studying your sinuses and nerves, the dental practice will create a prosthetic mold that will help them create the actual dental implant that will get installed. 

Once you get them installed correctly, they will protect the rest of your teeth and fill any spaces. This keeps your gums healthier and will also prevent you from dealing with any jawbone weaknesses. 

The periodontist will assess the finished implant to make sure it fits and that you retain your amazing smile.

Who Shouldn’t Get Dental Implants

While dental implants are a common procedure, there are certain patients who should avoid them. 

For instance, people whose jaws are still growing, pregnant women, children, and smokers shouldn’t get dental implants. 

Conditions like bleeding gums can sometimes be a cause for concern, particularly if you are a smoker or if you use other tobacco products. This can lead to further complications that can put your dental health and overall health at risk. All of these issues will be assessed during the medical history report. 

What You Should Do to Follow up and Take Care of Your Dental Implants

Take the time to follow up in about a week or so to make sure that the implant is properly set into place. Your periodontist will generally schedule your follow-up appointment at the time of the initial service. 

Your periodontist will also give you tips on brushing and flossing during this process. Stay away from coffee or hot foods, or any sort of freezing foods or beverages. The implant and your gums will be sensitive for a while as it sets into place. 

Find a Dental Professional to Help With Your Implants

When you need safe dental implants, it requires the help of an oral health practitioner that is skillful, experienced, and attentive. 

Dental implants can change your life and the way you feel about your smile. It is a safe procedure to fix missing teeth issues.

You can start to have a better smile by contacting a qualified periodontist in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Trujillo can help with your dental implant needs and other services. Take the time to contact us via the “Ask Dr. Trujillo a Question” box, or call us at (602)459-9459.

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