The Art of Implant Dentistry to Renew Your Smile

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Losing a tooth is disheartening, but you can get it all back. Thankfully, you have options with implant dentistry. If you find your confidence drained, have trouble eating, or have problems speaking because of tooth loss, Dr. Trujillo in Pheonix, AZ, has years of experience placing dental implants. Whether it’s one tooth or an entire arch, the team at Dr. Trujillo’s office can help you renew your smile with reliable implants that look and feel just like your real teeth.

A Closer Look at Dental Implants

Dental implants are placed by integrating titanium posts to your jawbone that serve as new roots for replacement teeth. These posts create a strong and lasting foundation for the crown. They also help maintain healthy bone density for your jawbone while providing an anchor point for restored teeth.

Dental implants prevent your surrounding teeth from shifting over time and affecting your facial integrity. Patients who opt for dental implants don’t suffer from the negative effects of missing teeth, such as decreased bone density and receding gum lines.

Prior to the advent of dental implants, patients could only get restorations that replaced the part of the tooth that can be seen above the gum line. These certainly helped with aesthetics, but they were far less stable than the natural structure of healthy teeth. Dental implants, however, bring back the entire tooth, making them far more secure and durable.

There are, of course, other benefits to receiving dental implants, such as:

  • Resolving bite problems or joint pain caused by your other teeth shifting into the empty space
  • Restoring speech, chewing, and digestion
  • Supporting bridges or dentures to help them fit more comfortably and securely
  • Restore lost facial tissues
  • Restore a patient’s happy and confident smile

In the last thirty years, dental implants have become the absolute best solution for replacement teeth. Dentures and bridges are more focused on providing a solution that’s more aesthetic than functional. And though they’re far better than not addressing the issue of a missing tooth, they simply can’t compare to implants.

Dental implants provide you with a happy, healthy smile and teeth that look, feel, and function exactly as natural teeth do. And with minimal maintenance and regular checkups, implants can last for decades or a lifetime.

Dental Implants Prevent Further Tooth Loss

Aside from the obvious benefits of having a confident smile and regaining your ability to chew and digest food at maximum capacity, dental implants also provide you with much healthier gums and jawline.

It works like this. Each one of your teeth is anchored into your jawline by the root, but they’re stabilized by the other teeth in your jaw. When you lose a tooth, the teeth around the gap in your jawline begin to drift toward the open space, which makes them loosen. This loosening causes deterioration in the jaw, which can cause you to lose the surrounding teeth. And when you lose those teeth, the process repeats itself. Additionally, deteriorating jawbone tissue can change the shape and structure of your face, causing your face to take on a sunken-in appearance.

A dental implant fills in the gap with a titanium post holding it securely in your jawline. This prevents jawbone deterioration and provides your other teeth with the stability they need to maintain optimal oral health.

About the Procedure

A dental implant procedure can take a few months from start to finish. The first step is getting a check-up by your dentist to ensure that you have healthy teeth, gums, and jaw tissue as well as a healthy immune system before getting the surgery.

After your initial check-up, you’ll have oral surgery to insert the titanium rod or rods into your jawbone. This is the rod that’s engineered to be a replacement for the root of your new implants. Once these have been added, a temporary crown will be placed over them so that they can heal.

Once your new implants have healed completely, you’ll return to your dentist to have the temporary crowns removed at permanent abutments and crowns attached to the titanium rods. At this point, you’ll have the natural look and feel of real teeth.

Questions People Ask About Implants

People have a lot of questions about dental implants. So let’s get to the answers.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

If you’re missing teeth and you’re in good health, you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants. The most important factor for qualifying for dental implants is the amount of quality bone available in your jaw for them to be attached to.

Are there any age limits for getting dental implants?

To receive dental implants, you usually need to be 18 years of age or older. That said, there are no upper limits on age to who can receive dental implants. As long as you’re in good health and have the necessary bone structure for adding implants, and your jaw is no longer developing, you can get them.

How long does it take to get dental implants?

From your initial checkup to the time you receive your permanent crown can take anywhere from three to nine months. Factors that affect this includes the type and quantity of implants you receive as well as the quality of the bone the rods are attached to.

Make an Appointment Today

Missing teeth cause serious strain on your life. They can affect your speech, your ability to chew and digest food properly, and, worse of all, make you second-guess yourself when you want to smile. Having healthy teeth is important for everyday life.

Thankfully, the art of implant dentistry has come a long way and can help you renew your smile completely so that you can go back to living a happy, healthy life. If you’re ready to make a permanent and positive change in your oral health, schedule with Dr. Trujillo to start your journey to a happy smile today.

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